The versatile predictive analytics platform for energy data.

We believe (based on years in the field) that the journey to data-driven energy usually starts the same way: asset owners simply want to get an overview over their asset’s behaviour, while remaining open-minded if or how to add automation later. For different use cases, there are different automation priorities – from alerts if assets are not working properly to smart scheduling.

When we were asked to create an energy management system for Jeju island in South Korea, this drove our design choices: be simple, be versatile. We created EMPRAS, an Energy Management platform for Predictive Analytics and Schedules.

EMPRAS quickly provides an overview, with crucial metrics and forecasts, from energy metering, plus weather and prices data. It is versatile as it fits many energy systems, like off-grids, mini-grids, buildings or aggregations thereof. Plus, we can extend EMPRAS with custom smart control decisions to fit to your needs (e.g. scheduling or predictive maintenance).


Connect sensors to our APIs, tag & group assets (e.g. by building), collect weather and market prices.


View insightful dashboards, receive custom alerts if data is abnormal.

Custom planning

Based on your priorities, make data-driven decisions computed by smart algorithms. Think asset scheduling recommendations or predictive maintenance advice. If needed, take weather forecasts and market prices into accounts.


Forecasts made by machine learning models are added to the database in real time.


A more detailed view


An online dashboard shows maps, graphs and an order book to act on new intel.

Asset management

Manage their assets manually through the dashboard or automatically through the API. Group them to view aggregated data (e.g. per building or microgrid)


The API design follows the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF), which provides a strong and widely accepted architecture to define roles and processes in modern smart energy systems, and connect them with markets.



A well-documented Application Programming Interface (API) allows your sensors and other software to communicate with the EMPRAS platform in an automated fashion.

Monitoring 24/7

Your platform is monitored continuously such that operators can be notified immediately if problems occur.

Robust benchmarking

Insightful evaluation of new prediction models and information sources, by plotting their probabilistic performance against time of day and time ahead.


Your platform is only served over HTTP Secure and uses a secure hashing algorithm to store user credentials.

Predictive analytics

Machine learning models which allow robust forecasts of energy, weather and pricing data are part of EMPRAS. When we design custom smart schedules we can schedule actions that take risk into account.

Stable codebase

Low technical debt and a high coverage of functionality via automated tests.

Open-source dependencies

By depending entirely on open-source digital technologies, your platform will gain new feature opportunities at no cost.

Hit the ground running

We’d be happy to discuss your case and how EMPRAS can create the maximum value for your energy data.