The FlexMeasures platform

The smart EMS for real-time energy flexibility apps & services. Help customers go green rapidly, scalable & on top of open source.

FlexMeasures Simple Architecture

Developing energy flexibility apps (e.g. to enable demand response) is crucial, but expensive.

To enable rapid creation of scalable apps & services, we offer our FlexMeasures platform. For free.

FlexMeasures reduces development costs with real-time data integrations & AI-based decisions, uncertainty models and API/UI support.

Energy Flexibility?

The developers of energy flexibility apps & services turn available flexibility – which exists in the operation of assets – into CO₂ reductions or cost savings.

In effect, energy-consuming assets are turned on when the energy mix in the grid contains the most renewable energy (e.g. when the sun is shining) or when energy is the cheapest (often, those are the very same time hours). Next to shifting start times of processes, another prominent use case of energy flexibility are buffers and batteries.

Usually, this requires the software to plan a few hours ahead. No one likes assets to turn on and off suddenly.

Value drivers

How we believe FlexMeasures can make a difference

Real-time data intelligence & integration

Energy flexibility services need to interact multiple times per day or hour, with AI/ML support. We equipped FlexMeasures with:

  • Support for real-time updates

  • Forecasting for the upcoming hours

  • Schedule optimization

Uncertainty models

Dealing with uncertain forecasts and outcomes is crucial.

FlexMeasures is therefore built on timely-beliefs, so we model this real-world aspect accurately.

Service building

Building customer-facing services is where developers make impact. We make their work easy.

  • Well-documented API

  • Plugin support

  • Plotting support

  • Multi-tenancy

Simulate & Operate

Enabling both simulations and real-time operations makes FlexMeasures a unique tool

  • Grounded decisions: Run multiple What-if scenarios during project planning, e.g. to decide on battery size.
  • Less friction: After simulations, go directly to pilot. It’s the same code!
  • Eyes on the prize: At any time in the project’s life, go back to simulations seamlessly, to make new strategic decisions.


How the FlexMeasures EMS becomes the centerpiece of flexible energy solutions
FlexMeasures as middleware


A more detailed view


An online dashboard shows maps, graphs and an order book to act on new intel.

Asset management

Manage their assets manually through the dashboard or automatically through the API. Group them to view aggregated data (e.g. per building or microgrid)


By consisting entirely of open-source digital technologies, your platform will gain new feature opportunities at no cost.


The API design follows the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF), which provides a strong and widely accepted architecture to define roles and processes in modern smart energy systems, and connect them with markets.


Automatable with APIs

A well-documented Application Programming Interface (API) allows your sensors and other software to communicate with the FlexMeasures platform in an automated fashion.

Monitoring 24/7

Your platform is monitored continuously such that operators can be notified immediately if problems occur.StatusCake logoSentry logo

Robust benchmarking

Insightful evaluation of new prediction models and information sources, by plotting their probabilistic performance against time of day and time ahead.


Your platform is only served over HTTP Secure and uses a secure hashing algorithm to store user credentials.

AI / Machine learning

Machine learning models which allow robust forecasts of energy, weather and pricing data are part of FlexMeasures. When we design custom smart scheduling, we can schedule actions that take risk into account.

Stable codebase

Low technical debt and a high coverage of functionality via automated tests.

Hit the ground running

Did you know that we offer hosting support of FlexMeasures and help with developing services?