Do you work with modern & digitally-accessible energy appliances?

Make your systems profitable & green.

Extend operations within a constrained grid.

With our world-class & open source software for smart energy, this is how we partner with you:

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Business case validation for multiple system design scenarios. We simulate hour-by-hour in high-end fashion, custom to your case.

Real-time scheduling

Real-time scheduling

Intraday scheduling for the optimal outcomes, in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) relationship. We host FlexMeasures for optimal results.

Use cases

Three examples of the projects we are running with FlexMeasures.
We help water board Rijnland to only run their centrifuges for sludge dehydration when the CO₂ footprint in the grid is low. They saved 27% CO₂ on flexible days!
Slib dehydration
For building & installation company Heijmans, we ran scenario-based simulations. Significant cost savings from using dynamic tariffs, battery, EV and roof solar intelligently are now available for data-driven strategic decisions.
Simulation results
V2G is here if you want. We optimize (dis)charging of Nissan Leaf cars with Wallbox chargers, with zero user interaction needed. We recorded several hundred EUR of savings per car, per year.
V2G@Home part of overview

Meet our open & smart technology

Working with us

Seita’s founders have been obsessed with the potential value of energy flexibility since 10+ years.

We believe in long-term partnership:

Tailored scalable solutions which integrate all energy use cases ― whether industry or built environment, e-mobility or heating.

No lock-in ― our open-source approach is transparent and solves your Make-or-Buy dilemma.

Seita's customer journey

Built on openness

Avoid vendor lock-in and be free to extend functionality.

We truly believe that the energy transition needs open & rapid innovation.

FlexMeasures is open-source and part of the Linux Energy Foundation.

Open standards from the energy flexibility research community add maturity to our (and your) infrastructure.


Organizations and customers we work with.

Start your journey to flexible & green operations today!

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