As a spin-off of the Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI), we sit at the source of modern digital intelligence. We have several years of experience in Europe's web application development world, and in the sectors of energy, finance and mobility.

Our expertise fits especially with sustainability projects in sectors with complex supply chains where we can apply our knowledge of economic principles and modelling thereof.

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Sustainability projects are complex. By their nature, they change the status quo! Also, if an IT system is part of the project, it usually needs to integrate multiple stakeholders, both as users and as sources of data. We believe that your chance of a successful project is greater with a partner who knows this complexity. At Seita, we can both understand and contribute on all levels:

Scientific ideas
We apply modern scientific ideas to your problem, such as machine learning and market mechanisms.
Web applications
We build beautiful multi-user web applications.
We run powerful computations reliably in the cloud.
We help with the conceptualisation of ideas in R&D proposals.

Contact us

Are you working on a sustainability project which needs to handle data and automation? We’d love to hear about it – send us a link or let’s have coffee!

@ Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
Science Park 123 | 1098 XG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

@ Impact Hub
Mauritskade 63 | 1092 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
E-mail: contact@seita.nl Phone:+31 (0)20 592 9333