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We are ex-scientists, cloud engineers and believers in open & swift digital innovation.

Meet the team

Nicolas Höning


A programmer for more than 20 years and in energy optimization for more than 10. Nicolas defended his Phd dissertation in Computer Science at TU Delft (topic: flexible planning in smart grids). He has been a programmer, cloud engineer and data scientist in two IT startups, enabling neurosience-based web design and energy trading services.

Nicolas Höning - Seita
Felix Claessen - Seita

Felix Claessen


Felix is a physicist specialised in energy science. As a researcher, he designed and analysed market mechanisms for smart energy systems, and finally created Seita as a spin-off. He involves himself with standards for smart energy systems, as a former design team member for the USEF foundation and the S2 protocol.

Ahmad Wahid

Data engineer
Ahmad Wahid
Victor Garcia Reolid

Victor Garcia Reolid

Energy optimization engineer

Nikolay Rozanov

Software developer
Nickolay Rozanov

Minh Nguyen

Machine learning intern

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