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We are ex-scientists, cloud engineers and believers in open & swift digital innovation.


Nicolas Höning

Nicolas is an IT specialist who has spent his career to almost equal parts in academia and commercial web development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Osnabrück (Germany), a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and in 2016 he defended his Phd dissertation in Computer Science at TU Delft (topic: flexible planning in smart grids) . Nicolas has been a programmer and data scientist in two IT startups, enabling neurosience-based web design and energy trading services. He also co-created a new data backend for an established B2B company, which is cloud-based and requires very high (99.9999%) availability. He lives with his family in Amsterdam-Noord and enjoys practicing his handstand.

Nicolas Höning - Seita
Felix Claessen - Seita

Felix Claessen

Felix is a physicist specialised in energy science. After 5 years at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), where he designed and analysed market mechanisms for smart energy systems, Felix founded Seita in 2016 as a CWI spin-off. His vision was to match sound academic solutions to sustainability challenges. He is a former design team member and currently ambassador for the USEF foundation, which provides an international common standard for smart energy systems. In his spare time Felix enjoys documentary films which have shaped and continue to shape his views on systemic sustainability.


Taco Oerlemans

Taco Oerlemans

Taco Oerlemans is a Dutch sales executive with interpersonal skills who builds teams and makes them perform at their best. He helps start up’s and scale up’s in professionalizing their business whilst being a sparring partner to the CEO and CTO. Taco joined Team Seita in 2021 and is a strong believer in the necessity of the world’s energy transition.

Taco specializes in:

  • International sales with the focus on Western Europe
  • Business development with C-level (partner)relationships
  • Fast paced and complex business environments
    Transparant, generalist and realistic approach
  • New technologies and latest developments
  • Market Segmentation and Targeted Client Campaigns

Derek Hardwick

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Derek gained technical and strategic experience assisting tech startups with scaling up their operations. In 2008 he moved to the Netherlands to focus on projects with real impact – endeavors focused on social and sustainable progress, especially those with a large technical component.

Derek brings teams to deliver the best business result. He focuses on:

  • IT Strategy & Implementation
  • Agile Project Management
  • Technical Team Selection
  • Sustainable Value Chains

Bobby Drake

Bobby came to Amsterdam from Oklahoma in 2011. He is working on code daily and has years of experience in leading development teams. It’s safe to say that Bobby is up to date with the latest in software development practices. He loves to create code that scales well, powers fast and beautiful apps and, last but not least, developers love to maintain and work with.

  • Frontend development (vuejs, angular)
  • API design
  • Cloud engineering (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Agile product development / Scrum
  • Visuals: video editing / photography

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