From work on our core business – FlexMeasures

“The collaboration with Seita is very productive. The team is highly skilled, experienced and professional. Together with Seita we have developed a new service ‘GripOnGas’, which enables us to provide real-time operation support at our industrial customers, to reduce their gas consumption.

I loved how early on in the project, Seita generated some unique insights into customer processes using just a data dump and a brief conversation with the chief of operations.”

Steven Barten
Steven Barten, Senior Business Developer Data Services at Fudura

“During the pilot, we saw that we can monitor the combustion process well and in this way steer it towards an optimal situation. By sharing the insights and results, operators saw how their working method affected gas consumption.”

Image design by Christian Loschiavo
Martin L’Annee de Betrancourt, Operations Manager @ SNB
“In our V2G@Home Living Lab, Seita’s FlexMeasures technology is the glue to connect all data pieces. Their co-creation approach is delivering a unique and scalable overall solution.”
Ard Jonker
Ard Jonker, project lead V2G@Home

“For the development of our platform, Seita brought together state-of-the-art techniques and industry standards in web development, forecasting and smart energy systems.

They have been very helpful in setting up production servers for our customers, and supporting demonstrations and simulations despite the long-distance communication needed for this project. With our results bearing fruit over the past year, we are very happy to continue working with Seita!“

Prof. Ki-Yeol Shin, COO of A1 Engineering