“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.”

(Jeff Hammerbacher, ex-Facebook)

We are two engineers and ex-scientists who aim to use our computer skills to contribute to the energy transition.

So we founded Seita a few years ago. Seita’s mission is to create mature intelligent software, which turns energy flexibility into cost- and CO₂ savings.


Felix and Nicolas

Seita is a bootstrapped, pre-seed startup. Both of us are energy flexibility nerds (both > 10 years in the field) and software developers. With our experience, we can tackle the complex and integrated (sector-coupling) projects better than others!

What do we want to achieve?

That’s why we have been working on FlexMeasures (GitHub), our energy flexibility platform for more than two years. We’re using it in a B2B context to provide scheduling for flexible assets, and we identify avoidable fossil fuel consumption. It’s beginning to see usage with (paying) pilot customers (e.g. Heijmans), and as the concept of energy flexibility is beginning to take hold in industry and the built environment, we feel we are at the right time & place ― there is so much we can achieve.

It’s time to go to the field and win customer’s hearts (and wallets) and at the same time develop an open building block for the world’s climate tech stack!

Come and join us 🙂

Who do we need?

Foremost, we’re a software startup. The tech part is well established. Now we need to build a customer value machine.

We need someone with commercial experience who can further craft our narrative, form our sales funnel and SaaS plans. We’ll dive deep in the customer persona and journey, and define how we can turn it into a no-brainer to work with us and our technology.

In the past two years, we have been doing partnership and acquisition ourselves now, so you’ll have team members who understand the difficulties of the commercial side. We also have a set of potential customers and partners, with whom we had actual conversations, to use in our marketing discussions.

Nonetheless, we obviously are looking for someone who will pick up the phone personally. Yes, we’ll build a sales team, but to begin with, that’s us, and you foremost.

Finally, we are looking for someone with energy sector experience. We have learned that customers lighten up if their conversation partner truly understands the sector and its history.

Are you or do you know someone who fits our mission and way of thinking (e.g. sharing our belief in transparency / open source? Let’s have a coffee, in person around Randstad or online, please email or find us on LinkedIn or Twitter. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Per location, Covid-19 changed the way we are working, and for a co-founder the right fit definitely beats being in the same room every day. So being in The Netherlands and willing to meet with us in Amsterdam or Utrecht for co-working regularly will do. If you’re our dream co-founder, being in the same time zone is probably a minimal requirement.

Per life circumstances, we’re quite flexible (hoping not to live the usual startup grind too much). We’re both fathers and found that similar life circumstances help to manage work priorities, as well. Being a parent is not a requirement, but we welcome it. We also know we’d improve our team structure with a woman on board.