Our mission

What are we doing, for who, and how.

Seita's mission is to empower organisations in the sustainability development sector to act data-driven in their daily operations.

Our clients are ambitious — they reorganise a part of our world for everybody's benefit. They deal with supply chains, energy systems or IT platforms. The vast amount of data they are dealing with will leverage our client's ambition, if we empower them to be discoverers of value, wise risk managers and process owners.

To pave our clients path, we use our vast experience in computer science and modern cloud engineering. We provide in-depth strategy and technology advice and we build custom-made predictive analytics and planning systems.

Our vision

Our role in a better world.

We envision that sustainable development organisations will use data technology as effectively as Apple or AirBnB do, but also as careful and risk-averse as is fitting for work as important as theirs.

In this scenario, we aim to set an example and become known as technology partners, who are both effective and trustworthy.

As we value impact over our own growth, we can be trusted to say “No” to a client who wants to become data-driven, if we believe it is (currently) not a good investment. As we value the empowerment of our clients over being indispensable, we can be trusted to making our clients succeed without relying on our continued support.