Our mission

What are we doing, for who, and how.
To unlock CO₂-saving energy flexibility, by writing software which makes it as easy as possible for energy service companies across the world to put the necessary data science to effect.

Energy flexibility is one of the crucial building blocks to achieve zero CO₂ in 2050. The schedules for flexible assets get optimized for CO₂ and cost savings, which requires data science techniques like forecasting, process analytics and optimized planning. However, there is no easy mass roll-out for energy flexibility.

Energy service companies are the ideal local partners, as they can acquire data and follow upon flex advice. Their primary service depends on the local situation, e.g. meter data aggregation or microgrid operation.

Our customers have an engineering mindset. By building a product that engineers love to use, we believe we can accelerate the uptake of energy flexibility and achieve product-led growth.

Our vision

Our role in a better world.
Energy service companies can use modern software and data science technology to achieve energy flexibility now, on their own terms, and everywhere in the world.

For energy service companies, adding flexibility to their services is a strategic cross-road moment: build a data science pipeline internally (high risk) or depend on a provider (who will capture strategic value).

We believe in open technology so energy service companies keep their destiny in their own hand. We also believe that getting out of the way instead of taking over the client relationship is the way to trusted partnerships.

The effect of CO₂ reduction is not local ― the climate is global. Also, it's not a “just transition“ if we don't give energy service companies in developing countries an empowered perspective on using modern technology.