Our mission

What are we doing, for who, and how.
To write mature AI-based software, which helps to reduce CO₂ in industry by managing energy flexibly in real time.

Energy flexibility is one of the crucial building blocks to achieving zero CO₂ in 2050. AI plays a crucial role here: The schedules for flexible processes need to be optimized for CO₂ and cost savings, requiring techniques like forecasting, process analytics and optimized planning.

Our background in both smart grid research and modern cloud software development prepares us well for this challenge. We provide the FlexMeasures platform, on top of which we can rapidly address use cases with mature practices.

We work with large industrials or energy service companies. We offer development & hosting on a SaaS basis to arrive at affordable plans. We limit the vendor lock-in problem with open source.

Our vision

Our role in a better world.
AI-based optimization for the energy transition is fully unlocked. All organizations in the world can apply mature, open & high-end technology, with low barriers of entry & high strategic control.

Risk: For energy-using industrials, adding flexibility to their energy management is a strategic cross-road moment: build a data science pipeline internally (high risk & IT talent is scarce) or depend on a provider (who will capture strategic value).

Speed: To fight climate change, we have so much to do in so little time, that we can not re-invent the wheel in every country, every sector or every larger organization implementing their own stack.

To tackle these two issues above, we believe in open source technology, so all industrials and their energy service providers (ESCos) get a head start and they keep their destiny in their own hand. This is why we have open-sourced our FlexMeasures platform.

Scale: Next to fixing our own urgent climate targets, we often forget the global scope: The effect of CO₂ reduction is not local ― the climate is global. Also, it's not a “just transition“ if we don't give energy organizations in developing countries an empowered perspective on using modern technology.