Pricing structure

For every kind of site you plan or operate ― the journey to optimal flex-use can start today.

Below (in green) you’ll find our commercial services. Together, we can create a plan that fits you like a glove.


Host yourself. Open source empowers!

Download & run FlexMeasures

Develop your own logic as a plugin

Join the community


What can your site earn? (digital twin)

What-if scenarios

Realistic step-by-step computing

KPIs of your choice

Visual deep-dive


Connect assets on site. Learn by doing!

Setup, kick-off & bi-weekly meetings

3+ months

Data: You send or we collect (up to 2 sources*)

Control smart assets**

* We can connect to 3rd party APIs like OpenWeatherMap, ENTSO-E and others

** A smart asset is one we forecast or schedule


We host & optimize your fleet. Classic SaaS.

Fleet of 50+ smart assets*

12+ months

Data: You send or we collect


* Between 10 and 50? Let’s talk.

Why no exact prices? Because we can support you in different site setups ― from e-mobility to housing to industry.

Different assets and end user needs create different implementations and partnerships. For instance, your optimal schedule size (duration divided by resolution) might vary, or the amount of support or custom reporting you need. This is why we need to talk to you first.


For going the extra mile.

Custom scheduling / market integration *

Training - empower your team

Project handover - run in-house

* Currently supported out-of-the-box: Storage optimization, EPEX or other available dynamic tariffs.

Energy flexibility is complex. Let's partner up!

Start with a simulation? Go right to pilot? No matter how your journey to energy orchestration might begin, we want you to succeed.