You can use the FlexMeasures EMS to steer your energy in the following ways:


Host yourself. Open source empowers!

Download & run FlexMeasures

Develop your own logic as a plugin

Join the community


Start your automation journey today!

Up to 5 flexible assets*

SteerOnCO₂, SteerOnPrice**, SteerOnPeaks or SteerOnSolar

Hourly scheduling

*   Assets of the same kind.

** Currently supported: EPEX or other available dynamic tariffs.


Own your energy strategy & scale.

Increase your fleet ― let's arrive at a business case for scale

Model different kinds assets within one portfolio

Customize and combine steering goals and connect to new markets

Integrate more data, e.g. weather forecasts

Support in connecting your assets to our API

How can we help?

No matter how your journey with FlexMeasures might begin, we want you to succeed. All hands are needed on deck in the energy transition!