Predictive analytics workshop

Running a system with live data and forecasts is a tough engineering challenge – let your tech team take a leap forward!
Data & Predictions & Dashboards

Go faster to market with a deep dive into predictive analytics modeling and architecture!

Adding predictions to your analytics process is a time-consuming endeavour that may occupy your best developers for months – both data scientists and software engineers.
Within one day, we want to give you a solid knowledge base to avoid common pitfalls and plan your work effectively. We do this by discussing your process and showing you how to navigate the myriad of design choices your IT team will face.


What do you get out of the workshop?


We teach you clear terminology around predictive analytics, so your team can avoid common pitfalls in their discussions.

Assessment skills

How to get to actionable improvements from assessing your predictions, and know when to stop.

Engineering skills

What to do, roughly when & in which order.

Model triage

Picking the right prediction model for the right task.

For who?

The stakeholders who want to implement predictive analytics.

Product owners

Plan your sprint goals wisely.

Data scientists

Structure your work as (employed or freelancing) data scientist to deliver production-quality models.

IT developers

Organise your IT team effectively.

1. Pre-Meeting

We prepare for your case.
  • 1h Skype call
  • Short questionnaire

2. The workshop day

A day at your office.
  • Introduction to timeseries forecasting
  • Mapping your analytics process
  • Feature selection for your forecasts
  • Skill check – who and when?
  • Custom goal & vision
  • List next steps

3. Post-Workshop

Something you can present.
  • Describe current state
  • Formulate vision
  • Engineering plan

Beta testing

We are currently testing out our workshop material. Please contact us if you are interested in a preview.