The E-mission service

The fastest and friction-less way to improve the CO₂ footprint of industry processes.

For who?

  • Operators of large energy-consuming industrial processes.
  • Priority is to lower the CO₂ intensity of operations.
  • Rather start today than discuss complex integration and automation.
  • Processes need to do an amount of work, with time to spare (i.e. flexibility of timing).
  • Real-time data is available.
Intraday CO₂ Intensity grouped by day of the week
CO₂ Intensity per day, grouped by day of the week
Scheduling of processes
Process scheduling (green) and the operation reality (violet), next to CO₂ signal


  • For operators: Our platform recommends process running times to minimize CO₂
  • This is based on a flexibility model of your processes and forecasts of the grid’s CO₂ intensity (see above)
  • For managers: We help you to track & report the realized CO₂ savings.

Remain in control

Your processes are yours to operate, and your engineers are busy.

We help your engineers to do even better. How much CO₂ could they reduce?

To do this, we understand the flexibility in your process. For example, a centrifuge needs to move X tonnes of material, which requires Y hours of work.

Once we integrated your real-time metering data, we can also give monitoring support (see above), so we can track the success of consuming during the hours with minimal CO₂.

Scheduled control actions
Scheduled control actions, also sent by email

We are rolling out the E-mission service in The Netherlands with Fudura, one of the largest Dutch metering companies.

Report efficiency improvements

E-mission is the fastest and friction-less way to get started reducing your industry emissions. Let’s begin to make your processes greener and get your first efficiency success report done!