Our process analytics dashboard

When, how much and how long are your processes usually consuming energy? Start your journey to going green informed, with one analytics sprint. For decision-makers.

For who?

  • Companies with meaningful energy consumption which is process-based, e.g. the processing & manufacturing industry.
  • Priority to understand patterns to discuss more meaningful operation (e.g. going green).
  • Some history of meter data is available.
Quickly see when processes start (hour of day, day of week) and how much energy they typically use.
process analysis - deep dive into changing pattern,
Deep-dive into the period when a major pattern changed. Here, a second regular peaking process begun.


  • We meet and discuss your case, e.g. your historical data format.
  • We process your exported data (e.g. Excel) ― this includes basic data cleaning and our process analytics algorithm.
  • We deliver our dashboard and discuss findings, as well as possible opportunities for operation improvements with you.

The helicopter perspective on your data

Your operator teams are drowning in data. Everybody has an idea how things are run, but they might not agree.

We focus with you: What are the important patterns, and where is flexibility to start improving?

The best start to going green in a data-driven way is to take an objective perspective, together.

All processes
Duration and consumption rate in one plot for all processes. Patterns and outliers pop out.

Your best first step to be data-driven

Start your journey to going green informed. Find patterns and outliers, with one affordable analytics sprint.