Data opportunity ranking workshop

Examine and rank the data opportunities your team sees – finally get started where the highest value lies!
Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash
Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash
The Data Opportunity Canvas by Seita

Finally start to generate value from your data. Turn loose ideas into an informed ranking!

Generating ideas how to get value from data is usually not the bottleneck – within teams there are often a dozen ideas. What often stifles innovation is to determine which ideas to start with and why.
Within one day, we want to examine your data opportunities and help you find out which ones are the best. We’ll flesh out what data and algorithms are needed, and what benefits, costs and risk can be expected.


What do you get out of the workshop?


Get concrete – who is your data opportunity serving and what is really needed to turn it into reality?


How valuable is the opportunity? Benefits, costs and risk.


One filled-in canvas per opportunity – which ones look best?

For who?

The stakeholders for your data opportunities.

Business experts

CEO, sales, product owners or marketing – bring in the knowledge of the people who know your customers.

Data experts

The people who know your data, your data scientists or engineers, will provide needed input.


Convince investors or donors that your innovation investments are well-researched.
Felix Claessen - Seita

Your host

Felix is a physicist, data scientist and founder of Seita. His vision is to improve the world around us with the vast academic and technological solutions we have. His mind loves to trace the road from data to value, until the story is sound.

1. Pre-Meeting

We prepare for your case.
  • 1h Skype call
  • Short questionnaire

2. The workshop day

Half a day at your office.
  1. Present ideas
  2. Vote for most feasible, if needed
  3. Filling in Seita’s Data Opportunity Canvas
  4. Rank opportunities

3. Post-Workshop

Something you can present.
  • Describe current state
  • Formulate vision

Turn data into value!

Add focus in your data innovation strategy.