Technology roadmap workshop

About to scale? Spend a day with us and decide where you’re heading.

Start to scale with your stakeholders on board – secure their support with a plan!

No matter if you start scaling tomorrow or in six months, your stakeholders want to know what your IT roadmap looks like.
Within one day, we want to empower you to discover value, own the process and to manage risk on the journey to act data-driven. We do this by discussing and planning the capabilities of your data, team and product.

High-level view of our client empowerment model.

This workshop uses our Client Empowerment Model.


What do you get out of the workshop?


A vision for the next 12-18 months, where technology becomes a mature business driver for you.


We take a snapshot of your data, product and team and where you could take them next.


What to do, roughly when & in which order.


Rough estimates on the costs of your plan.

For who?

The stakeholders who want to know your plan.


Answer tough questions from the people evaluating you.

Board members

Important people should be on the same page.


Convince talented staff to stay on board or join you.

IT providers

Guide external IT & software providers effectively.

1. Pre-Meeting

We prepare for your case.
  • 1h Skype call
  • Short questionnaire

2. The workshop day

A day at your office.
  • Mapping your  data
  • Value creation in your product
  • Skill check – who and when?
  • From capabilities to powers
  • Formulate custom vision
  • List next steps

3. Post-Workshop

Something you can present.
  • Describe current state
  • Formulate vision
  • Budgeted roadmap

Intro offering!

We are testing out this new offer at only 33% of the eventual price. Instead of EUR 1500, you can get an introduction offer at EUR 500!