Technology roadmap workshop

About to scale? Spend a day with us and make clear where you’re heading.

Start to scale with your stakeholders on board – secure their support with a plan!

No matter if you start scaling tomorrow or in six months, your stakeholders want to know what your IT roadmap looks like.
Within one day, we’ll make a roadmap together, which has not only the what, but the why! But there’s more: this roadmap will include the changes you’ll (still need to) be undergoing to become an empowered data-driven organisation. Discover value, own the process and manage risk.

Connect your grand goal to measurable objectives (OKRs) as used by Intel and Google.

High-level view of our tech empowerment model.

Envision your organisation with our Tech Empowerment Model.


What do you get out of the workshop?


A strategic theme and organisational vision for the next 12-18 months, underpinned by crucial and measurable objectives.


We take a snapshot of your data, product and team and where you could take them next.


What to do, roughly when & in which order.


Rough estimates on the costs of your plan.

For who?

The stakeholders who want to know your plan.


Answer tough questions from the people evaluating you.

Board members

Important people should be on the same page.


Convince talented staff to stay on board or join you.

IT providers

Guide external IT & software providers effectively.
Nicolas Höning - Seita

Your host

Nicolas is an IT specialist who has spent almost 20 years equal parts in academia and commercial web development. He holds a PhD in computer science and worked for two startups and two “regular” companies. So he’s seen the good and the bad and will build your case on this experience. Nicolas is ready to have his brain picked for opinions.

1. Pre-Meeting

We prepare for your case.
  • 1h Skype call
  • Short questionnaire

2. The workshop day

Half a day at your office.
  1. Strategic Theme & S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
  2. OKRs – how does success look like?
  3. Capabilities: data, team and product
  4. Construct roadmap

3. Post-Workshop

Something you can present.
  • Vision of the organisation
  • OKRs
  • Workshop photos

Free your mind!

Add clarity in your tech & data planning.