A mission needs a model

Our mission is that our clients can act data-driven in their daily operations. For us at Seita, this means that our clients, when dealing with data, are empowered to:

  1. Discover new customer value continuously
  2. Understand the risks they take
  3. Own the process

“Acting data-driven” – that is a grand theme, and to say what we mean with empowerment paints a picture. Now, to actually go and empower our clients we’ll have to describe the state of the organisation which we envision for our clients. More precisely, we need a model to discuss where they are and where they will go! From our professional experience (and in collaboration with Ampact), we developed our Tech Empowerment Model.

This model has proven very useful in discussing how we see a successful data-driven organisation. It makes clear what we are looking for, and we hope potential clients agree. For us, it can be the start of a collaboration. For instance, we offer a tech roadmap workshop, in which this model helps us find out what steps the client’s organisation should do next.

Powers, segments, capabilities

The model consists of the aforementioned three powers and the three segments within a client’s business on which they stand: data, team, product. With the tech empowerment model, you’ll be able to connect what you want to achieve (powers) with what you are doing (segments).

These three segments and our three powers are not related one-by-one. Instead, each power is achieved when two underlying segments “click”. The graphic shows that nicely. In addition, we identified capabilities for each segment which an organisation might need to bee data-driven, no matter if they have these capabilities in-house or buy them when needed.

Detailled view on our tech empowerment model: Capabilities & Services

You can read more details on this model here. Contact us to have coffee if this model seems interesting to you!