We focus locally when working on energy flexibility

When thinking about Energy Flexibility ― which we need to unlock for a successful climate mitigation future ― it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity of that challenge. Focus is crucial! We focus locally when working on energy flexibility. David Sykes, of Octopus Energy, does a great job in this article to create priority.…


OKRs – Measure what matters

Is having goals and tracking performance good for your organisation? Should you set goals for your organisation? Also for all departments and all the people in it? Should you even measure how everybody is doing towards those goals? YES: You want to know where you’re going—it’s called having focus. And you want to know whether…


Why we model our clients’ data approach

A mission needs a model Our mission is that our clients can act data-driven in their daily operations. For us at Seita, this means that our clients, when dealing with data, are empowered to: Discover new customer value continuously Understand the risks they take Own the process “Acting data-driven” – that is a grand theme, and…