Burning gas stove

GripOnGas, our new service is launched!

Things are moving here at Seita Energy Flexibility! We are happy to announce a month of Firsts: The first energy flexibility service based on top of our FlexMeasures platform: GripOnGas The first successful pilot together with our corporate partner Fudura The first SaaS subscriber to our hosting support. The story told as it unfolded during…


How to plot probabilistic forecasts

Probabilistic forecasts give you insights into possible futures. In this post, I suggest that the best plot type to show them all at a glance is a ridgeline plot. Areas of doubt and uncertainty In data-driven operations, decisions are based on numeric expectations about what the future holds. Usually, these expectations come from point forecasts…


OKRs – Measure what matters

Is having goals and tracking performance good for your organisation? Should you set goals for your organisation? Also for all departments and all the people in it? Should you even measure how everybody is doing towards those goals? YES: You want to know where you’re going—it’s called having focus. And you want to know whether…

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

Seita’s mission and vision

We have a mission and vision statement now. Just ten sentences overall. However, it required the experience of three years and hours of discussions to get there. Mission and vision statement should tell people why they should care about what you do. Here are some examples, which help understand what other companies chose. Why should…