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Can ChatGPT help us write FlexMeasures?

As you might have noticed, Generative AI is entering the scene, and next to answering questions or compiling information, it might also be used to write code. Can ChatGPT help us write FlexMeasures, our opensource EMS for smart energy flexibility? In this post, you can see how it works and what my experience was. It…

V2G@Home demo in Utrecht, NL

The first V2G@Home demo: A success

Ard adds a calendar item for his Nissan Leaf car on his phone, … suspended silence… “Click” The Quasar EV charger springs into action and charges Ard’s Nissan Leaf, in expectation of him needing the car soon. The needles on our HomeAssistant app are switching, as well. V2G@Home demo in Utrecht, NL Smiles all around.…

Architecture in V2G@Home LIving Lab

✓ Smart & easy control in Vehicle-to-grid

The V2G@Home Living Lab we do together with Ard Jonker of Positive Design has closed the optimisation loop, with an eye on usability! As stated before, optimizing charging in a V2G situation with flexible tariffs, fluctuating solar and random car usage requires smart machine learning in the cloud. This meant we have to bring FlexMeasures…