Smart & Open Energy Flexibility Services

We help industrials to go green in daily operations. We create & host AI software that makes your energy usage efficient and keeps you in control.

Our SteerFlex Suite

Combine the smart modules you need to go green.



Shift process start times to get lower energy prices, or even sell energy in expensive times (e.g. for batteries)



Optimize your process schedules to reduce emissions (the CO₂ content of the consumed electricity).



Consumption peaks can be expensive. Balancing supply and demand helps you lower peaks.



Shift your processes to maximize usage of your local energy production.

We help water board Rijnland to only run their centrifuges for sludge dehydration when the CO₂ footprint in the grid is low.

Slib dehydration

We optimize (dis)charging of Nissan Leaf cars with Wallbox chargers to save costs and use solar power, with zero user interaction needed.

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Built on openness

Avoid vendor lock-in and be free to extend functionality.

We truly believe that the energy transition needs open & rapid innovation.

SteerFlex services are built on top of FlexMeasures, our open-source flagship platform (part of the Linux Energy Foundation).

Open standards from the energy flexibility research community add maturity to our infrastructure.

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Process analytics

Processes make energy data, and they offer the flexibility we’re after.

Instant dashboard

When, how much and how long are your processes usually consuming energy? Read more.


Reduce gas consumption by tracking and understanding their patterns. A service for facility operation teams. Read more.


Organizations and customers we work with.

Just three steps

Working with us goes like this:
  • Flexibility scan: We discuss and plot your flexibility, as well as your goals.
  • Connect data: We connect relevant data sources to our FlexMeasures optimization.
  • Subscribe: Continuously receive forecasts and schedules to steer your flexible assets!

Data integrations

We integrate with these data sources out-of-the-box. More to come.

Start your journey to green operations today!

We’re happy to discuss your case and opportunities in a free call. You can begin the data-driven journey while staying in charge!