Who we work for

We use FlexMeasures to help the following businesses:


Installers of flexible assets

Installers / manufacturers of flexible assets (batteries, heat pumps) and submeters

With Seita, they can plan for cloud-based & integrated optimisation of their solutions (e.g. smart buildings)

We can grow from (digital twin) simulations to operational fleet management strategically step-by-step, with little risk


Processing and manufacturing

Processing- or manufacturing industry with high demand

With Seita, congestion and high prices can be tackled by using process flexibility

We'll build an integrated and custom solution, e.g. with the sensors that matter, plus on-premise solar & storage and the markets of choice


Energy Service Companies

Energy service companies provide services like efficiency advice or metering

With Seita, they can offer novel data-driven & real-time services under white-label

ESCos often understand their clients' workflows ― together we can create value rapidly & at scale

Use cases

Three examples of the projects we are running with FlexMeasures.

We help water board Rijnland to only run their centrifuges for sludge dehydration when the CO₂ footprint in the grid is low. They saved 27% CO₂  on flexible days!

Slib dehydration

For building & installation company Heijmans, we ran scenario-based simulations. They now contribute to strategic decision-making in building projects based on data.

Simulation results

We optimize (dis)charging of Nissan Leaf cars with Wallbox chargers to save costs and use solar power, with zero user interaction needed. We recorded several hundred EUR of savings per year.

V2G@Home part of overview


Organizations and customers we work with.


We have a past of many interesting projects and pilots. Browse to get inspired!
Heijmans Hive (Door Architecten)

Smart building simulation @ Heijmans

Heijmans Hive buidling (credit: DOOR architecten) Some simulation results we discussed with the client The steering challenge: Heijmans is taking initiative in operating smart energy buildings. They begin with their modern office building, “Hive”. They’re about to install solar, (v2g) chargers, batteries and boilers. Choice of equipment is one problem ― the question of how…

L:iving Lab Overview

V2G@Home Living Lab

The steering challenge: How can an electric vehicle, with all its energy flexibility potential, be integrated into a home setting, or small business environment? To maximize own solar energy consumption, to buy low and sell high, to use green energy ― preferably, all of the above! We apply our open source FlexMeasures platform to the…