Who we work for

If this describes you, we want to use FlexMeasures to empower your energy transition!

Where you work:


Towards low C0₂ with smart processes


Tackling the heating transition


Smart charging, V2G

Your view on the world:

  1. You have access to a portfolio of assets, with flexibility (e.g. EVs, heat pumps, batteries, shiftable processes, …).
  2. You have a long-term strategic view and value collaboration.
  3. In your vision, integrated solutions (sector-coupling) are the real goal.

What you do:

Data Liberators

You are digitizing energy!

Gateway makers


Dashboard creators

Data interpreters

You are enabling better decisions!

Energy effciency consultants

Installation advisors


How we help you:

Seita's customer journey
  • Simulate (optional): We conduct several What-if scenarios for you with FlexMeasures as Digital Twin.
  • Pilot: We connect your relevant data sources to our FlexMeasures optimization.
  • Operation: Continuously receive forecasts and schedules to steer your flexible assets!
  • Hand-over (optional): Ready to run this in-house, as your own service? Sure – it’s open source. We can also train your staff.

What others say:


We have a past of many interesting projects and pilots. Browse to get inspired!
Heijmans Hive (Door Architecten)

Smart building simulation @ Heijmans

Heijmans Hive building (credit: DOOR architecten) Visualization of simulation progress, good for deep dives Indication of KPIs, here: business case The steering challenge: Heijmans is taking initiative in operating smart energy buildings. They begin with their modern office building, “Hive”. They’re about to install solar, (v2g) chargers, batteries and boilers. Choice of equipment is one…

L:iving Lab Overview

V2G@Home Living Lab

The steering challenge: How can an electric vehicle, with all its energy flexibility potential, be integrated into a home setting, or small business environment? To maximize own solar energy consumption, to buy low and sell high, to use green energy ― preferably, all of the above! We apply our open source FlexMeasures platform to the…