Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

Seita’s mission and vision

We have a mission and vision statement now. Just ten sentences overall. However, it required the experience of three years and hours of discussions to get there. Mission and vision statement should tell people why they should care about what you do. Here are some examples, which help understand what other companies chose. Why should…


Lean Impact by Ann Mei Chang

“Lean impact” by Ann Mei Chang takes lessons from the Lean Startup methodology and applies them to impact-making, which is a bit more complex than the traditional startup. She has some new approaches and many examples about social entrepreneurship and impact funding. The main question is this: How to optimise the impact on the world,…


The CEO perspective on embracing AI

Do CEOs of NGOs or social enterprises take advice from McKinsey? Not blindly, I would hope. They are in bed with the wrong guys too often. However, they do hire quite smart people, who then gather valuable experience. I came across an example, where Tamim Saleh, senior partner at McKinsey, discusses AI from the perspective…