Founder at Seita Energy Flexibility BV
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Can ChatGPT help us write FlexMeasures?

As you might have noticed, Generative AI is entering the scene, and next to answering questions or compiling information, it might also be used to write code. Can ChatGPT help us write FlexMeasures, our opensource EMS for smart energy flexibility? In this post, you can see how it works and what my experience was. It…


Talk at FOSDEM

I recently got to visit the FOSDEM 2023 conference, and also speak about our work (video below). Together with some other folks at Linux Energy Foundation, we had organized the first energy devroom. Picture by Jonas van den Bogaard (Alliander) All the talks were very well attended and we got great questions. Hopefully, open source…

Heijmans Hive (Door Architecten)

Smart building simulation @ Heijmans

Heijmans Hive building (credit: DOOR architecten) Visualization of simulation progress, good for deep dives Indication of KPIs, here: business case The steering challenge: Heijmans is taking initiative in operating smart energy buildings. They begin with their modern office building, “Hive”. They’re about to install solar, (v2g) chargers, batteries and boilers. Choice of equipment is one…

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FlexMeasures featured on Python developer podcast

Would an audio-introduction of our work on FlexMeasures help you get started with learning about it? Now there is one ― Listen below or check streaming options on the podcast website! We’re proud that FlexMeasures is this week’s featured project on the podcast for Python developers “Podcast.__init__”. During the recording of this episode, we discussed…