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The CEO perspective on embracing AI

Do CEOs of NGOs or social enterprises take advice from McKinsey? Not blindly, I would hope. They are in bed with the wrong guys too often. However, they do hire quite smart people, who then gather valuable experience. I came across an example, where Tamim Saleh, senior partner at McKinsey, discusses AI from the perspective…


“The Humanitarian Action Challenge gave us a unique chance”

The Humanitarian Action Challenge – a joint effort by HumanityX, The Hague Humanity Hub, and ImpactCity – ran from October through December 2018. It encouraged multi-disciplinary partnerships to deliver innovative technology-driven solutions to some of the most pressing problems faced by the humanitarian community today. Social enterprise PNGK and tech company Seita joined hands to address one of the challenges. In their guest contribution below, they talk about their experience.


We visualise data, but not just for aesthetic effect

Look at that data below. You instantly know these four sets of data points are vastly different, and thus your expectations about what new data would look like are also different. Yet, a computer might not notice what you are noticing. Many statistical features of these sets are equal – means of both x and…

Ask Your Developer About Software Complexity

Ask Your Software Developer About Software Complexity

Software is a peculiar thing. It is made by engineers, but how to estimate costs and how to understand the end product is very different from other engineering sectors. This difference comes from the level of complexity that comes with even reasonably-sized software. The digital age just began. It might be a while until we can estimate and understand software projects, if ever.